We make videos.

Lots and lots of videos. Of all types.

(Except weddings…)


More videos. In less time.
For less money.

If you know that your brand needs more (or better) video content but don’t know how to get it done, then CreatorsGroup is the perfect solution for you.

Love these guys and their creativity. They’re fun, entertaining, smart, engaging, and know how to create incredible content.
— Ryan Stock, Founder of MindSport


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Your first draft in 7 business days
(or less).

That’s the CG Guarantee. 

The videographers in The Group are...

Fun. Self-taught. Highly collaborative. Adventurous. Daring. Personable. Reliable. And will make you proud.


Videos that work.

Here are a few videos from a few videographers in The Group.

Purpose by David Sosna

The Tattooer by Josh Munyan

A 2018 Sports Reel by Kevin Berg

Why Travel Matters

A CG Original Production

We’ve got an adventurous group of visual friends. We realized two things.

First, we all love love LOVE traveling.

Next, all of our creative friends would have awesome footage of their trips.

Why Travel Matters is a fun, sometimes heartbreaking, always insightful interview series featuring our friends, their footage, and their stories from afar.

Watch Season 1 of Why Travel Matters on YouTube.

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