Let’s Build an Aspiring Editors Book!

We spend soooo much time looking at Youtube videos and how to’s to figure out new editing techniques.

In this era, speed is co crucial. Think about this: speed x quality x quantity

That’s how you should approach content creation. To do that, you need to know what you’re doing, or have the help to learn it quickly.

With the symposium coming up, one of the biggest things we think we can do is help you improve yourself.

For that to be accomplished, we’re asking for you to help us crowd source all the wisdom you’ve got. We all have favorite editing videos, lessons, and blogs that we look at.

If you’d like to participate in this, please add as much as you can to the book. Add multiple times. Or one at a time when you think of something.

How ever you do it, we are so grateful for your contribution, we know this’ll be a great resource for all of you in the near future.



Name *
We use adobe, but we're open to anything.
we use artlist.io for our clients (the safest play) but for internal we use soundcloud because it's more fun :)
Ever heard of Oliver J. Hughes? He's in KC, check him out.
yeah emails aren't the most popular, but you can find so many resources and stay up to date in the editing world by subscribing to a few great people's blog.
Anything on story, editing, or how to shoot video that doesn't suck.
Soundcloud is dope for music. You can just message them and ask. We've been building our own "approved list" for all you to use.
If you don't know off the top of your head but remember the idea, add it here. throw out anything you'd like!