Build an audience, start with video, be everywhere


Build an audience.

Customers and clients pay the bills, but customers and clients are coming from our audience more and more. We're living in a crazy time as marketers, brands, and businesses. We're in an insanely unique position in which we can publish our own content without having to ask for permission from gatekeepers.

We can create our own magazine with a blog. We can create our own TV show with YouTube and Facebook. We can create our own radio show through podcasting.

But here's the most important thing about creating an audience: They may not buy now, but they'll buy later.

That's a huge mindset shift. It moves us from selling to people to entertaining people. And when we entertain people, we gain their trust quicker than if we try to sell them right away.

That's the power of building an audience. 

Start with video.

Video is king...for now.

Most social media platforms are prioritizing video content. Their sneaky little algorithms are pushing video content to more people than they would if it was written. But even though we have to play their game, there are far better reasons to start with video.

1) People are paying attention to video.

2) It's the quickest way to build trust with your audience.

3) Video is the easiest to repurpose. (More on that further down the page.)



Be everywhere.

One of the best feelings in the business world is when someone says, "It's like I see you everywhere!"

Brands directly benefit from being everywhere.

The more often people see your brand, the more they trust you. And sales are about trust more than anything else in the entire world.

When you start with video, you have options. Video adds a whole other level of professionalism to your brand. And now people know you can speak on camera, so they'll invite you to speak to their group. From there, they invite you to speak at a conference. Then comes the book deal, or the podcast, or the major interview.

The point is this: Produce great video content, and be the brand "that's everywhere."