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  1. We desire to be greater.

Step one: wanting to get better today, so tomorrow is a breeze

It’s essential that we want to improve our skills in video. If we don’t we could be left behind.

So if you agree with this, you’re already ahead of the curve.

2. We research tutorials & improvement methods for editing & content creation

Step two: we persist through the endless options in YouTube or online courses that could make us faster at “this type of edit” next time.

The only problem is you could spend days researching and only hours actually learning.

So the Creators Group is asking for your help!

We want to crowd source the best tutorials and websites on the internet that have personally helped you become a better content creator.

3. We dive into tutorial mode and come out better.

Step three: Learn

Once we get these tutorials, URLs, blogs, and digital marketplaces all gathered, we want to send them all to you. So that we can all learn from each other’s time, without wasting each others time.

Nothing’s more frustrating than explaining something that someone could watch on YouTube.