What does CreatorsGroup do? We make videos. Lots and lots of videos of all kinds. We can create almost any kind of video, from full documentary to commercials to social media posts.

What if I have all the footage and just need you to edit, can you do that? Yes, we can do that! We encourage people to grab their own footage then send it to us. You can find more info about our editing services right here.

Can you save my project? Someone else kinda screwed it up. Sometimes projects don’t go as planned. That’s how it goes! We’re here for you.

Do you take photos? No, we don’t offer still photography. We’re 100% focused on video. BUT, we’ve got a group of talented photographers who we can refer you to.

Do you do animations? We don’t do full animations, but we do have a curated list of animators who we would be happy to refer you to!

Could you post for us? We’re completely focused on producing lots and lots of great videos for you, but it’s up to you (or your team) to post your videos.

Can you run Facebook or Instagram ads for us? We can totally produce your Facebook or Instagram ads for you, but we won’t run your ads for you. We suggest finding a specialist who thinks about media buying 24/7, the same way we think about video.

What about strategy? Can you help with that? Yes! We help every client with strategy for their videos. And if you’re looking to get serious about your video strategy and implement it across your company, then you’ll want to know about our Hardcore Content Strategy and Implementation.

How much will this video cost? Most agencies like to keep their prices private. We’re not like most agencies :) You can see how we price our projects right here.

Can we do a payment plan? Yes! Be sure to ask us about a payment plan during your initial conversations with us.

Is there any way to get a discount? We get asked this question a lot :) We take an immense amount of pride in our creative work. That’s why we don’t discount our work. We do projects for the full price or completely for free. If there’s absolutely no way that you can afford us, then please ask about our payment plans.

So CG only does projects for the full price or completely for free. How do I know if I qualify for your free work? This varies case by case. Typically, our “free” projects have something to do with issues that are close to our heart. We’d also look at other ways you could pay us like through introductions, revenue shares, exposure, education, etc. As you can see, we consider a lot of things!

I heard that all of your clients automatically become part of your referral program. Is that true? And if so, how does it work? You heard right! Our clients are automatically included in our referral program called CG Champions. It’s fun and simple! Here’s more info on the CG Champions program.

What’s your process / workflow for your projects? We’re always fine-tuning our workflow, but here’s the basic overview for most projects: 

  • 1) We work together to develop a lite outline of your project, 

  • 2) If you like it, then we’ll send you an invoice for the project, 

  • 3) You’ll be introduced to the entire team and to our processes, 

  • 4) We dive into serious pre-production and planning, 

  • 5) Once everything is coordinated, then we start recording! 

  • 6) Your footage gets transferred to our editors,

  • 7) They guide you through the post-production process.

  • 8) Once you’re happy with the final products, then you download them and keep them forever!

How quickly can we go through pre-production? This answer depends on the size and complexity of the project (of course), but most projects will take only 2 - 3 days, a couple meetings, and a couple calls to finish pre-production. But no matter how long it takes, we can’t rush pre-production. It’s the most important part of the workflow.

How soon can we start recording? Assuming we’ve done pre-production and your desired videographer is available, then we can start recording as soon as you can!

Let’s say we decide to go with you, what happens next? We’ll work with you to develop a lite version of your project. And after you pay the invoice, we’ll introduce you to each person you’ll be working with to bring your project to life!