Fewer #1's, More #2's And #3's And Beyond

This is counterintuitive.

We need fewer CEOs. Fewer people wanting to be entrepreneurs right away.

We need more “COOs”. We need more “Vice Presidents”. We need more “Employee #4’s” and more.

Because those people are the people who ACTUALLY build the businesses that the delusional #1’s—like me— dream up.

The role of a #2, #3, + should be taught earlier, and more intensely. Even more intensely than we’re training #1’s in “entrepreneurship courses.”

#1’s are often horrible at many things.

If my skillset were the alphabet, I’d say that I’m good at letters A and B, maybe C, kind of Y, and finally Z.

But the letters in the middle?


So that’s 5 letters, 2 of which I’m only average at. So let’s call it 3 that I’m good at.

That leaves 23 letters. 23 letters that need to be done better, more consistently than A, B, C, Y, and Z.

Yes, #1’s get the glory. I try to actively avoid that, because I know the truth.

The world is run by the #2’s and #3’s.