On Being Valuable And Becoming Indispensable

The most dependable way to make money—especially as a business owner—is to become valuable.

Become valuable to your clients, customers, investors, etc.

Here’s how it works.

Your client has a problem. You solve that problem in an exceptional way. Finally, find out if you can provide that exceptional solution for less money than what your client gave to you.

So, that’s how to make money. Be valuable.

But wait, there’s more ;)

It’s one thing to be valuable to your client, but another to be indispensable.

If your ambition is to build a long-lasting brand that serves people over and over again, then the goal is to become indispensable.

If the way to become valuable is to SOLVE problems, the way to be indispensable is to both SOLVE and PREVENT future problems.

This is often easier done than said.

Yep, you read that right.

Simply look for patterns in the industry. Ask your clients questions about what typically happens after X happens, or before they do Y.

Then prevent the negative things from happening.

Don’t make this more complicated than it has to be.

To be valuable, solve problems.

To be indispensable, prevent them.