For Video Creators…

Collaborate + make mula + find freedom.

  • Looking for other like-minded Creators? Become part of our intensely connected + collaborative ecosystem of other Video Creators. Hang out, learn, and create cool shit together. LEARN MORE →

  • Working to grow your personal brand and work w/ more clients? Apply to be part of The Group. We find you clients, build your brand w/ you, and let you take credit for all of your work (b/c it’s your work). LEARN MORE →


We’re building the most intensely connected + collaborative ecosystem of Video Creators in the world, then connecting them to the Brands that need them. 


For Brands…

We work w/ Brands in 3 ways:

  • Just need a video (or two or three)? Let CG know what you need, and we’ll hand-select the Video Creator(s) best for your project. LEARN MORE →

  • More interested in creating a massive amount of video content so that you look everywhere online? We’ve got the most efficient, cost-effective, time-preserving way to do just that. LEARN MORE →

  • On a mission to find no-nonsense, no-fluff guidance on your overall content strategy? CG will get in the trenches w/ you + your Brand for your most ambitious projects, toughest times, and most important do-or-die moments. LEARN MORE →


Questions? Thoughts? We’re here for ya.


The CG Mission.


For Video Creators:

  • Give you freedom to create incredible content.

  • Pay you. No more spec (unless it compels you).

  • Connect you w/ other badass Video Creators for collaboration.

  • Get out of your way + grow your brand w/ you. (We hate when agencies take credit for your work.)


For Brands:

  • Connect you to cool Video Creators you can actually rely on.

  • Prepare your brand for the next economic downturn.

  • Facilitate content collaborations to keep your costs down AND increase your reach.

  • Be right beside you while you conquer your next big challenge.


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