David Sosna Videographer 


A few questions, and a few answers.

CreatorsGroup: Do you remember a moment you realized that creating video was what you were meant to do?

Sosna: This one’s tough, but it’s probably after I made my first passion project video…my "Higher Ground" video.

My work has really improved since then, but that was my first real step into making my own work come to life.

I stayed up until 4 in the morning editing that, even after a full day of editing. I even realized I need more shots, so I ran out and grabbed them.

I posted it that night…morning? Whatever.

And the response I got was incredible.

That's when I realized that videography was exactly what I needed to be doing. I got so much joy from the whole process.

CG: How did you get into videography?

Sosna: I was working a job that I knew was not going to be my career.

I knew I had to find some new things that I could potentially be passionate about.

That’s when I thought of a friend who was doing photography. I started helping him on shoots.

Those shoots inspired me to get started with video.

CG: What equipment did you start with? And how did you start learning how to make videos?

Sosna: I started on my phone with a DJI Osmo Mobile 2.

I also had no real idea of what I was doing.

Over that next month I taught myself basic shooting and editing techniques. I created new things every day. I realized how much I loved it.

When I had to make a decision about my job for the future, I quit my job.

I bought my camera and lens in the same day. That's when everything really got started.

CG: Let’s talk shots! What are some of your favorite shots to grab?

Sosna: I know we’re talking video, but the photo I always go back to is my shot of the tree in Oaxaca, Mexico.

It was something so simple as we were just walking back to the car, this beautiful tree was out in this field. People were sitting underneath it, and I just remember being in that moment and thinking how beautiful it was.

I took it just kind of on the fly. Didn’t think about the shot much. And when I was looking back at photos that night I realized it was probably the best shot I've ever taken. 

We were in Oaxaca for a video shoot, so that photo counts, right?!

IMG_2868 2.JPG

But for video…

The shots in Iceland were irreplaceable. Specifically this one hidden waterfall.

I was so pumped about how it looked. I used it as my main transition in that video, and is still one of the best transition moments in my videos.

CG: What’s on your shot ‘bucket list’?


New Zealand.

Banff, Canada.



When it comes to specific shots…

I'd love to continue capturing cultures similar to the "Watchtower of Turkey" style. Those types of shots, videos, and editing is something I'd dream of.

I'd love to be able to direct a music video too, especially with full creative freedom. 

CG: So we a lot of effort into educating clients on how to buy video, how to make videos, and all that. From your perspective, what’s a common misunderstanding that clients have about making videos?

Sosna: I think the main thing clients misunderstand is the amount of time it takes to put a video together.

Even a "simple" interview video can take 3-5 hours of editing to produce a 30- minute long clip…you know, just to add captions, color correction, and cut up the interview itself to make a coherent story. 

I've learned that to really get the highest quality these videos take time and it's absolutely worth the time and money to get the best looking video.