David Sosna


Hey there. Jay here. Happy to take a moment with you to pump up a CG Creator.

I guess a good place to start with David is right here: don’t call David “David.” He goes by “Sos.” And that’s pronounced, “Sauce.”

That’s a perfect name for him. Why? Because his shots are purely saucy. (Slang for “incredible.“)

He’s travelled the world. He’s taught himself everything. And he doesn’t stop learning.

Have you ever met someone who only elevates a room when they walk in? That’s Sos. It’s a unique characteristic. That energy—combined with his new era camera technique—makes Sos one of our most respected and requested CG Video Creators.

We’re humbled and privileged to have him as part of our ecosystem.

Here’s a piece he created with Jack “Skippy” Blake, one of CG’s Leaders.