Meet the founders.

Quirky and we know it. And damn easy to work with.

Janice Martinez

Jean "The Glue" Joo


Director of Design

Jean is brilliant. She takes charge on the design on both internal and client work. Jean makes sure everybody's on brand, powerful, and communicating the best way possible.

Jacqueline Cho

Betty "Badass" Chung


Director of Internal Content

Betty is phenomenal. She's in control of our Eighty/80 internal content. She's mastering the documentary vlog style and proving that we "walk the walk" as a company.

Jennifer Peterson

Jack "The Skipper" Blake


Director of Production

Jack's unstoppable. He oversees all production efforts, with a special focus on our client work. He spends most of his energy on developing the E/80 Philosophy. 

Laura Lee

Jay "The Janitor" Austin


Director of Business Design

Jay here. I'm the one writing about this team. They're priceless to me. And I'm honestly at NO loss for words when it comes to how much I respect their brains and work ethic. I could talk about them all day and all night.