Curated, talented, reliable videographers.

Introducing, The Group.

Nathan Johnson - Videographer

Nathan Johnson

Masterful storyteller. Multi-lingual. Unafraid of tough topics. Daring. Refined.

David Sosna - Videographer.jpg

David Sosna

New-era. Highly versatile. Constantly working. Swift run-and-gunner.


Pat & Ruby

Internet Show producers. Bi-lingual. Very fun. Full features coming soon.

Nick & Nate

Creative event recaps. Music Videos. Short Stories. Great vision. Chill AF.

Photo-6 (1).jpg

Josh Munyan

Weaves narratives. Mini-docs. Flexible style. Adventurous. Thoughtful.


Rachel Leigh

Crafts beautiful stories. Conducts deep interviews. Bright & energetic on site. Makes people comfy on camera.


Sebastian & Rian

Beautiful craftsmen. International creators. Strong on-site guidance.

Photo-27 (1).jpg

Cody Boston

Hard-hitting storylines. Quirky style. Super calm. Super cool.


Jack Blake

Adventurous. Takes the right chances to get the best shots. in-tune.

Original co-founder of creatorsgroup.