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All of the Video Creators in The Group are young, fast-paced, and self-taught.

They love travel. They crave challenges. And they are excellent on site. They’ll make you proud in front of your boss, client, or interviewee.

Some of our top Video Creators in ‘The Group’ are featured below.


David “Soss” Sosna

Travel footage
Asking great questions

Soss picked up the camera after a life-changing moment. Videographery helped him find peace. The camera means everything to him now.

Kevin Berg

Kevin “Ice Berg” Berg

Action sports
Kindness + Smiling

Ice Berg has the coldest shots and the warmest heart. Incredible guy. He got his start by making highlight videos for his college football team.


Betty “Badass” Chung

Artistic shots
Telling you like it is

Betty Badass is a total workhorse. She’s got a beautiful mix of rave culture and traditional footage. She’s always exploring new styles.

Josh Munyan

Josh “Hon Muan” Munyan

Short docs
Crafting storylines
Overall positivity

Few can tell such a full story in such a short amount of time. That’s what makes Hon Muan’s stories so impactful + entertaining.


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Featured Creator


David Sosna

Sos is one of our most-requested videographers in kansas city. And believe it or not, but 9 out of 10 psychologists say he’s probably the nicest videographer you’ll ever meet.