Meet the People

Meet the People


Create like you mean it with caring, attentive, resilient people who are ready to go on your mission with you.


Jean "the glue" joo
Director of Creator Relationships

Jean is ‘the glue’ to our CreatorsGroup fam. She lives in Alabama, but still keeps our projects on schedule. Her background in scrum management keeps us...scrumming? Err, let’s stick with ‘moving.’

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Jack "skippy" Blake
Co-Director of CG Production

We call him "Skippy" because his first gig after college was as a Skipper on a yacht in Croatia. That's where he learned how to shoot and edit videos.

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Betty "Badass" Chung
Co-Director of CG Production

Betty Badass is just that - she's badass and is an editing machine. When she's not editing, she's busy being a donut expert and making vlogs about the best donut spots.

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"Miss" Nia Richardson
Executive Sidekick

When Nia told us that she loves to travel, take photos, & over-organize her kitchen cabinet, we knew she’d be the perfect sidekick for Jay. She keeps him as organized as her kitchen cabinet.

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Jay Austin
CEO & Director of Client Strategy

Jay’s the type of person who actually prefers cheap beer over fancy beer. He feels (and looks) odd in a suit. He wears Converses even if he’s forced to wear a suit. And no matter how badly his mother wants him to, he won’t change that style for anyone.

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