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The following questions are designed to help you get your idea and needs into the language of a content creator. When you can check off all the boxes we can look at your request and make the connection to the videographer who is best suited for the job,

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Build your Video
Are you looking for "immediate ROI" for your business? Is it for the raving fans you have and making sure they stay happy and up to date with you? Is it to put it in an email? Is it part of a course or educational piece internally or externally? Is it just for fun? Or do you not know, but you know you should be making video?
There's tons of songs out there. We are asking about from where would you like your music to come from? There's a few options to make sure your within copyright laws.
Do you have a "vector logo" in the form of a jpg with a transparent background?
Fancy lingo, but it's a logo that can be resized so we can edit with it.
If you need dialog, which we highly encourage, you'll want to PREPARE YOURSELF and the videographer with a short and simple narrative for your project. Please fill in some context to the following "acts" ie. "beginning + middle + end." A) Standard Story Setup + Conflict + Resolution B) Encouraging others to.. Impact + Communication + Persuasion Write a sentence or two for each act, predicting the scenario as best as possible. If you don't know, just put idk. (but we sure hope you try this because after all it is your story.)
If you've got this far.. it's time to talk business.
Who do you listen to for content creation strategy? *
This could be anyone, books, podcasts, people with experience, personal experience. We'd like to narrow down on what we need to communicate. And if none of these are an option, click other, but check out some of these options because they can give you a lot of great information for your business content creation needs.
Do you need a consultation for longer term content creation?
Do you have a mission to increase recruitment, improve HR, or teach your employees "how to" for on-boarding? Do you want to do market research? Do you want to partner with some bigger brands and pitch them some enticing collaborations between the two of you? Click yes, but understand this is for the established organizations willing to invest in video.
This is the ideal empathic archetype for the situation.