Repurpose your content


Repurpose your content.

So it's one thing to say that you should be everywhere, but how do you do it?

Repurpose your content. Here's what we mean.

Start with video. Cut it into micro-content that you can drip out on social media. Use the clear audio from the video to create a podcast. Transcribe the podcast, and now you have a blog post for your website.

And that's just the first phase of it all.

Isn't that cool?

Turn your marketing into a revenue stream.

Up to this point, your marketing has never made you money. Not directly, at least.

Most companies treat marketing as a hail mary. They produce a commercial, or a brochure, or a Facebook ad, and then they hope that it leads to sales. True marketers know how hard it is to accurately measure the ROI on their ads. And the worst part is having to prove that marketing campaign's ROI to their CEO.

What if your marketing evolved into an actual revenue stream?

What if your marketing was a YouTube show that was sponsored by a partner?

What if your marketing was a paid speaking gig at a major conference?

Your marketing should make you money. At least, that's what we believe.



Play the long game.

Building an audience takes time. Sometimes it takes more time than you wish it would

An audience is crucial. They'll be there when you're ready to launch your next product. They'll be there when you're ready to announce your next offer. They'll be there to make the most out of your next move.

But we've got to play the long game.

We're patient. And we do the type of empire-building work that every long-lasting brand needs to do. We've got such a strong belief in playing the long game that some of the things we advise you to do may not make sense in the moment. But we're doing that work because we know it'll pay off in the long run.

To work with us, please trust us. We'll be on the right path together.