The story.

In 2017, Jack DM’d Jay. He wanted to vlog him like Gary Vee.

They met, and they started Eighty/80 Rule. That was our original name.

Jay met Jean.

Jean met Betty.

And we formed a team.

We started making videos.

In July of 2018, we decided to evolve.

Based on client feedback, we began finding the coolest videographers around us. We connected them to our clients. And then we handled the business.

Our clients loved it. The cool videographers loved it. We loved it.

In 2019, Jack pursued his own career. Everyone was supportive, excited, and happy for him.

Now, we’re making lots and lots of videos. We’re headquartered in Kansas City, but make videos all over the world.


The CG Core Team


Jean Joo



Jay Austin

Co-Founder, CEO


Betty Chung