The CG Team = GUIDES

We joined together in June 2017 in Kansas City, MO.

Originally, we were a video production company. And we weren’t great at it. But our clients—and even our past clients—said they stuck w/ us because they like US.

In July of 2018, we decided to evolve.

Based on client feedback, we began finding the coolest videographers around us. We connected them to our clients. And then we handled the business.

Both the Video Creators and the Brands loved the new model.

Now in 2019, we’re connecting Video Creators and Brands all over the world.

IMG_1401 3.JPG

Betty “Badass” Chung

Content Creation + Ops
Betty directs and creates a ton of CreatorsGroup’s content. She’s also wired to identify what’s practical and what’s wishful thinking.

Get ahold of B.B. if you’re wondering about how to get involved as a Video Creator.

IMG_1047 3.JPG

Jack “Skippy” Blake

Ecosystem + Content Creation
Jack taught is a self-taught videographer. He’s also a sailor. That’s where he got his nickname “Skippy.”

Skippy focuses his effort on building our ecosystem of Video Creators + improving their mental performance.


Jean “Nuna” Joo

Systems + Operations
Jean has an eye and sharp talent for product management, architecture of our systems, and operations. We lovingly refer to her as “nuna,” which is “big sister” in Korean.

Go to nuna if you’re interested in our operations or tech products.


Jay “Janitor” Austin

Jay takes his focused, aggressive approach into every strategy meeting.

Seek him out if you’re up against a big challenge, a major turning point in your brand’s journey, or interested in partnering w/ CreatorsGroup to expand your reach.