The Missions

The Missions


They bring their most daring projects to us.
It’s a privilege every time.


“I was determined to have difficult and authentic conversations, then release them to the world.” - NicoGiles

Featured Mission: NicoGiles

His mission: To elevate conversation.

First, weekly discussions in his apartment.

Eventually, a contract with one of the most prestigious foundations in the world.

Nick has what all of our clients have: Grit, a big vision, and a conviction that he's going to achieve it.


Acendas Travel

Their Mission: To stay in front and break new ground.

Acendas, a prestigious travel management company, wanted an innovative way to showcase their expertise and their travel partners. We were thrilled when we were asked to design their studio and their show.



Their Mission: To showcase KC’s connectedness.

KCSourceLink plays an absolutely crucial role in connecting the dots for entrepreneurs in Kansas City. We were humbled when they asked us to create video proof for their 10th Global Entrepreneurship Week event in 2017.


Podcast Movement

Their Mission: To “gift” their attendees with custom content.

Very few conferences care about their attendees as much as Podcast Movement cares. We were incredibly grateful design the CreatorsBooth for them, which created custom Instagram clips for their attendees for free.


K12 Perform

Their Mission: To make creation more accessible to students.

K12 lowers the barriers for students in public school districts. We’re proud to partner with them on several missions: to capture a virtual reality bootcamp, to create a video creator bootcamp, and to consult on redevelopment plans for an entire school.

The Hill KC.png

The Hill KC

Their Mission: To design and grow their corporate wellness program.

This gym is more than a gym. Much more. We’re insanely privileged to get the call to build out their corporate wellness program.

cropped-final-kcca-logo-png-250-e1444060611148-1 (1).png

Kansas City Coworking Alliance

Their Mission: To capture the celebration and launch their Instagram.

After winning the Coworky Award for Best Coworking Alliance, the KCCA felt ready to up their presence on social media. We were humbled to get the call to craft a custom strategy for them.


Disabled But Not Really

Their Mission: To make fitness beyond accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Wesley Hamilton teamed up with our friends at TheHill to launch the Help Me Fit Challenge, and we were supremely grateful to get the call to capture it.

DrK Logo-black.png

Dr. K

Their Mission: To launch a new product.

Dr. K was launching a new collagen supplement and knew she needed a marketing strategy. After a three-hour dinner, she put her trust in us to engineer the content creation and distribution strategy for her.