"Who Are We" Brand Video

"Who Are We" Brand Video

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It’s time to let the world know who you are.

Create a beautiful, fun, concise video that will tell your story..

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You’ve got a story.

Others need to hear it. Make sure you tell it.


Your “Who Are We” Video In 7 Simple Steps

  1. Purchase your package to get started.

  2. Complete Phase 1 of the CG Design Process by filling out a form we send you after your purchase.

  3. Connect with a CG team member on a video call. We’ll guide you through Phase 2 of the CG Design Process, which includes scheduling a time, date, and place for your shoot. (Exciting!)

  4. Communicate with a CG team member on the final details before your shoot. We’ll make sure you’re 100% prepared for production day.

  5. Lights, camera, action! 4 hours (or less) on site is all we’ll need.

  6. Enter Phase 3 of the CG Design Process as we edit your video. You’ll receive your first draft in 7 business days (or less). That’s the CG Guarantee!

  7. Celebrate as you download your video!

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Help people believe in what you do.

Do that by telling them who you are. People buy from people they like, know, and trust.

Your “Who Are We” video makes sure they like, know, and trust YOU.


Give your customers a reason to trust you.

Your customers want to buy from a brand that they can relate to.

An honest, beautiful “Who Are We” video helps your customers buy into you.


See your first draft in 7 business days (or less).*

Wait less. Pay less. Smile wayyyy more. That’s the CG Guarantee.


Your “Who Are We” video, explained.

— Up to 2 minutes long.

— Up to 4 hours on set to film.

— 1 videographer, 1 camera.

— Featuring footage of you and your team, and an interview (or two).

— 1 round of major revisions, and 1 round of minor revisions.