Social Media Pack

Social Media Pack

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If you want to create more videos for your social media feed, then our social pack is perfect for you.

We’ve got a very efficient way to create multiple pieces of content for you in less time and for less money.

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Need videos to fill your feed?

Then the Social Pack is perfect for you.


Your Social Pack In 7 Simple Steps

  1. Purchase your package to get started.

  2. Complete Phase 1 of the CG Design Process by filling out a form we send you after your purchase.

  3. Connect with a CG team member on a video call. We’ll guide you through Phase 2 of the CG Design Process, which includes scheduling a time, date, and place for your shoot. (Exciting!)

  4. Communicate with a CG team member on the final details before your shoot. We’ll make sure you’re 100% prepared for production day.

  5. Lights, camera, action! 4 hours (or less) on site is all we’ll need.

  6. Enter Phase 3 of the CG Design Process as we edit your video. You’ll receive your first drafts in 7 business days (or less). That’s the CG Guarantee!

  7. Celebrate as you download your video!

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More videos, in less time.

You’ll create 15 videos to use on multiple platforms all in one filming session.

Save time, keep money, and make that social feed pop!


Perfect for ad sets, too.

Creating your Facebook or Instagram ads shouldn’t be a huge headache.

Create multiple clips for different parts of your funnel, all in one sitting!


See the first drafts in 7 business days (or less).*

Wait less. Pay less. Smile wayyyy more. That’s the CG Guarantee.


Your Social Pack, explained.

— Up to 15 clips.

— Up to 60 seconds long per clip.

— Up to 4 hours on set to film.

— 1 videographer, 1 camera.

— Featuring footage of your product (if you have one), your service (if that’s what you do), and of you / your team (if you want people featured in your video).

— 1 round of major revisions, and 1 round of minor revisions.